Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, it has happened

I knew this day has been coming. I can't believe it took this long either... I finally hate myself. I have reached the state of people that I absolutely detest. The don't study for tests to blind to notice what is actually going on. My lack of sleep has worn me down to the point that I barely try any more. Just yesterday I was dozing off in class when I for some reason decided to check what day my business law test was. It turns out that I actually had it in about 20 minutes in a building that takes 15 minutes to get to instead of what I previously thought Thursday. So I did what any reasonable person would do and I scrambled my ass over to the building wrote my name down and stared at what was bound to be the last straw.

I took forever on this test. When I study and attempt to do my best I hate being anything other then first or second to turn it in. Yesterday was a different story though. I was almost last to finish that overworded piece of shit. I cannot believe I forgot to study for it. I mea I went to the fucking study session where that bitch of a T.A. yelled at us in insurrance speak for two hours. That would be the only reason at all that I would get any points on this...

I hate what I have become and I hate insomnia.


  1. yeah that kind of shit happens lol

  2. yea i know how you feel i used to have bouts of it when i was younger. i hope things get better for you man

  3. After rain comes sunshine man :)