Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dropped out of the loop for a bit

Sorry followers... I just haven't been feeling the rage spirit for the past few days.

The topic for today is games that don't put a tutorial section in the beginning of the game. I have gotten two lesser know titles for the DS lately. Both have pissed me off thouroghly. I don't understand why games don't have tutorials in the story mode... Instead they put them in these menus that it takes a few minutes to navigate. The games I am talking about are

Rondo of Swords and Spectral Force Genesis

These two games which would be impossible to play without the tutorials just neglect to put them in. They don't even say their is a tutorial they just fucking hide it from you. Gamestop was kind enough to keep the previous saved games on their when I bought it. In both games the previous save from the owner never even got past the third mission. Well there is a reason you fucking game companies... Put this shit where people can find it. I mean I love Rondo of Swords. This game is amazing and perfect for alot of people but noone is going to give it a chance with this shit going on. I barely did.

On the other hand Spectral Force sucks a huge dick. That game is so backwards fucked I don't even know how to describe it. The entire game is so complex that I can't imagine anybody actually liking it except the creators.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, it has happened

I knew this day has been coming. I can't believe it took this long either... I finally hate myself. I have reached the state of people that I absolutely detest. The don't study for tests to blind to notice what is actually going on. My lack of sleep has worn me down to the point that I barely try any more. Just yesterday I was dozing off in class when I for some reason decided to check what day my business law test was. It turns out that I actually had it in about 20 minutes in a building that takes 15 minutes to get to instead of what I previously thought Thursday. So I did what any reasonable person would do and I scrambled my ass over to the building wrote my name down and stared at what was bound to be the last straw.

I took forever on this test. When I study and attempt to do my best I hate being anything other then first or second to turn it in. Yesterday was a different story though. I was almost last to finish that overworded piece of shit. I cannot believe I forgot to study for it. I mea I went to the fucking study session where that bitch of a T.A. yelled at us in insurrance speak for two hours. That would be the only reason at all that I would get any points on this...

I hate what I have become and I hate insomnia.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Business TA

Last night I spent a good chunk of my time trying to study for a law test that I have. First off I got their ten to fifteen minutes early just to wait outside with all the other good students. Come class time I was still waiting outside for this damn ta (teachers assistant) to show up. Then when she finally got their she treated evryone like crap and refused to be helpful in any way. I mean for a study session you should be helping people answer questions not reading from an outline. the whole night seemed like I-robot. I am sorry you need to ask the right questions...

Then when we finally got started on actual material that she decided was important all she did was yell at a speed I can't even describe. It didn't even matter how many times she repeated herself if she just reads it as fast as she can. Even if you asked her to slow down and repeat what she had just gone over she would reply with the same thing she previously said twice as loud and just as fast. It didn't even make sense... I mean why host this study time for the sake of the students then not actually do anything for us.

I really don't know why people act the way they do...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

These people...

The people on this campus are driving me insane. I don't understand how 20-somethings and up can act the way they do... It is just mind boggling. This behavior is alright for say a ten year old or a highschool dropout (In my opinion they should have about the sam IQ). I mean just last night I had four to five people standing right outside my appartment window dealing drugs :/ DRUGS get that shit away from me you low lifes.

Setting drugs aside these people act like college isn't a big deal. I know that I seem like I don't care sometimes, but I really do. I always come back and do my homework and study no matter how small the quiz. Though it seems like the "cool guys" of campus are above studying. There parents aren't here to scold them so a D or F is a resonable grade... I just had an Econ test a few days ago. She told us that someone got a 20% on it. A fucking 20%...It is multiple choice test you dumbfucks you should be able to guess at a higher percentage then that. I don't understand what you think you are doing. Paying thousands of dollars to go drink and hit on whores. It just doesn't make sense to me. Though I suppose the worse everyone else does the better off I will be in the real world. That is just one more person that I won't have to deal with in the job market.

Even if they won't be my competition I don't think it will matter. I don't think I will make it to the job market these days. Everytime I hear that someone did that terrible or see some cheap bitch walking around not even able to speak english I lose my faith in humanity and a little more of my sanity. I figure at this time in two more years I will be in a padded room after tearing out someones tongue for asking me to help them with their shit........ I really don't care about other people but if you plan on continueing to act the way you are please...please don't do it around me. I just can't handle any more of this shit you lowlife fucks

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I hate

1. I hate slow walkers that get in my fucking way when I try to get to class
2. I hate morons that talk to their phones like they are on speaker even when they aren't
3. I hate people that act like fools just to attract the other sex
4. I hate peope that can't support themselves into their 20s
5. I hate people that don't have a personality
6. I hate peolpe that act like chameleons...Those bastards can't just be themselves
7. I hate people that act differently around friends
8. I hate people that tell me to grow up. Its MY FUCKING FREE TIME I WILL DO WHAT I WANT
9. I hate people that judge you even if you haven't met them
10. I hate dumb people
11. I hate men that spend all their time in the weight room
12. I hate all things pink
13. I hate people that get henna tattoos
14. I hate fat people that act like they are tough shit
15. I hate fat people that wear tight clothing
16. I hate fat people that sweat so fucking much they can never smell sanitary enough to stay in the same room with
17. I hate fat people that claim genes as their excuse
18. I hate fat people
19. I hate snobby people
20. I hate girls and guys who cheat on there partners
21. I hate police who dont listen
22. I hate dissobeidant dogs
23. I hate the fact that parents lied about santa
24. I hate having to shave
25. I hate people that blinly follow religion
26. I hate people who dont reply to txt messages
27. I hate people that act above me
28. I hate fucking hypocrites
29. I hate dealing with illogical people
30. I hate being late
31. I hate people not committed to their words
32. I hate people that don't go to class
33. I hate people that wear their socks to fucking high
34. I hate slow internet connection
35. I hate people breathing over my shoulder near the ear
36. I hate people that don't respect my "bubble"
37. I hate people that cover my entire feed on facebook with status updates every two second
38. I hate people that need to use twenty fucking ! and ? when they comment
39. I hate leechers
40. I hate people that look down on porn
41. I hate being unable to sneeze
42. I hate dead batteries
43. I hate people on the internet. Bunch of winy no good bitches
44. I hate IT tech people
45. I hate people that think I don't know shit about computers
46. I hate people that think I will just fix their computer for free
47. I hate when my gf won't let me do shit for her
48. I hate when people don't let me fucking sleep on the weekends
49. I hate everything that makes me wake up before 10
50. I hate school. It really is a joke...I haven't done or learned shit and yet I am costing through with ease

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am getting so sick of these damn allergys. I wake up and I itch everywhere. It gets fucking old really fast... I have to swallow about 5 pills just to stay sane these days. When pollen hits I feel like scratching through my flesh till my heart nolonger beats.