Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I hate

1. I hate slow walkers that get in my fucking way when I try to get to class
2. I hate morons that talk to their phones like they are on speaker even when they aren't
3. I hate people that act like fools just to attract the other sex
4. I hate peope that can't support themselves into their 20s
5. I hate people that don't have a personality
6. I hate peolpe that act like chameleons...Those bastards can't just be themselves
7. I hate people that act differently around friends
8. I hate people that tell me to grow up. Its MY FUCKING FREE TIME I WILL DO WHAT I WANT
9. I hate people that judge you even if you haven't met them
10. I hate dumb people
11. I hate men that spend all their time in the weight room
12. I hate all things pink
13. I hate people that get henna tattoos
14. I hate fat people that act like they are tough shit
15. I hate fat people that wear tight clothing
16. I hate fat people that sweat so fucking much they can never smell sanitary enough to stay in the same room with
17. I hate fat people that claim genes as their excuse
18. I hate fat people
19. I hate snobby people
20. I hate girls and guys who cheat on there partners
21. I hate police who dont listen
22. I hate dissobeidant dogs
23. I hate the fact that parents lied about santa
24. I hate having to shave
25. I hate people that blinly follow religion
26. I hate people who dont reply to txt messages
27. I hate people that act above me
28. I hate fucking hypocrites
29. I hate dealing with illogical people
30. I hate being late
31. I hate people not committed to their words
32. I hate people that don't go to class
33. I hate people that wear their socks to fucking high
34. I hate slow internet connection
35. I hate people breathing over my shoulder near the ear
36. I hate people that don't respect my "bubble"
37. I hate people that cover my entire feed on facebook with status updates every two second
38. I hate people that need to use twenty fucking ! and ? when they comment
39. I hate leechers
40. I hate people that look down on porn
41. I hate being unable to sneeze
42. I hate dead batteries
43. I hate people on the internet. Bunch of winy no good bitches
44. I hate IT tech people
45. I hate people that think I don't know shit about computers
46. I hate people that think I will just fix their computer for free
47. I hate when my gf won't let me do shit for her
48. I hate when people don't let me fucking sleep on the weekends
49. I hate everything that makes me wake up before 10
50. I hate school. It really is a joke...I haven't done or learned shit and yet I am costing through with ease