Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dropped out of the loop for a bit

Sorry followers... I just haven't been feeling the rage spirit for the past few days.

The topic for today is games that don't put a tutorial section in the beginning of the game. I have gotten two lesser know titles for the DS lately. Both have pissed me off thouroghly. I don't understand why games don't have tutorials in the story mode... Instead they put them in these menus that it takes a few minutes to navigate. The games I am talking about are

Rondo of Swords and Spectral Force Genesis

These two games which would be impossible to play without the tutorials just neglect to put them in. They don't even say their is a tutorial they just fucking hide it from you. Gamestop was kind enough to keep the previous saved games on their when I bought it. In both games the previous save from the owner never even got past the third mission. Well there is a reason you fucking game companies... Put this shit where people can find it. I mean I love Rondo of Swords. This game is amazing and perfect for alot of people but noone is going to give it a chance with this shit going on. I barely did.

On the other hand Spectral Force sucks a huge dick. That game is so backwards fucked I don't even know how to describe it. The entire game is so complex that I can't imagine anybody actually liking it except the creators.